Lemholland is specialists in all washroom solutions for industrial laundries. We work with the most latest knowledge to select the most appropriate water-saving, energy-savings , time-savings technologies to build a new laundry or rebuild your existence laundry.

Washroom Technology

We can offer you the various line of flatwork finishing technology for the implementation, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking of flatwork, and the folding and sorting of towels.

Flatwork Technology

Tunnel washer Tunnel washing machine will be completely dismantled and rebuilt again. All removable parts, such as seals, bearings, wheels, hoses, air valves, steam valves, water valves, flow meters, belts and even motors will be replaced with new spare parts. Press Membrane press will be completely dismantled and re-built. Recovery […]

How it works ?

The REASON For LemHolland ?? Expert for professional laundry machines. In 2010, in response to the enormous demand for, in particular, used and new industrial laundry machines, LEM Holland set up a major revision department on their new premises in Apeldoorn. The production hall of over 1500 m² offers sufficient […]

Why Lemholland ?

Our main goal is to maximize customer satisfaction, implying from the provision of goods and services in full compliance with his expectations and to always provide the best quality equipment, together with the decisions of the service. LEM HOLLAND offers modern equipment that meets all the requirements of quality standard.

Our mission